Policy Committee

Giorgi Papava
Practice Head, Private sector development
+995 322 507 177 (შიდა: 232)

Giorgi Papava leads the Private Sector Development Policy Research Center at the ISET Policy Institute (ISET PI). Giorgi is a candidate for a Ph.D. Economics (ADB) at the University of Chicago. His Ph.D. thesis, ‘Trade Policy in the Presence of Lobbying and Heterogeneously Ignorant Voters’, is joint work with Lasha Chochua. Giorgi has earned MA degrees in Economics from the University of Chicago (2012) and ISET (2008).

Before joining ISET in February 2020, Giorgi had successfully cooperated, as an economic consultant and researcher, with several local and international organizations.

Giorgi Papava is a CERGE-EI Career Integrated Fellow (CIF), currently teaching two courses at ISET: ‘Law and Economics’ and ‘Industrial Organization’. His research interests include International Trade, Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Public Policy, and Monetary Economics.

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