SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2024
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 02.10.2023 End Date: 29.12.2023

The OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Programme is undertaking the "EU4Business: From Policies to Action – Phase 2" project in Eastern Partner (EaP) countries, funded by the European Union. The initiative focuses on enhancing competitiveness and business environment reforms at both country and regional levels. As part of this effort, the OECD is conducting the fourth round of the Small Business Act for Europe assessment, resulting in the SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2024 report. This index assesses policy strengths and weaknesses, facilitates cross-country comparison, and measures alignment with EU SME policy standards.

This assessment covers five pillars and twelve core dimensions, aiming to guide governments in SME policy development, identify strategic priorities, and foster policy dialogue within the EaP region and with OECD and EU member countries. The 2022-2023 assessment expands its scope to cover new topics, including the digital economy framework, SME digitalization policies, and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In collaboration with the OECD, the ISET Policy Institute played a key role in developing the Georgia country chapter.  This involved crucial tasks like collecting assessment data, completing questionnaires, furnishing descriptions of evidence supporting each response, and meticulously preparing a comprehensive country report.