Support for media capacity building platform on economic reforms “MediaTOR”
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 01.07.2021 End Date: 31.01.2023

ISET Policy Institute, in partnership with Internews Georgia, launched a new project, “Support for media capacity building platform on economic reforms (MediaTOR)”. The project is implemented with the support of the USAID Economic Governance Program. 

The objective of the grant activity is to increase the role and participatory power of media in the economic reform implementation process in Georgia.

The project aims to equip representatives of Georgian media with the necessary skills on quality economic reporting, new media, and data journalism. The activity is designed to facilitate media outlets’ accessibility to permanently updated information on Georgia’s ongoing economic reforms. It attempts to strengthen the journalistic competencies of the participants in digital media, modern data collection, and analysis techniques for better informed and fact-based journalism. 

The project team will create an easily accessible online repository with constantly updated data and information on reforms. The participant journalists will receive intensive training on utilizing tools of new media and data journalism in economic reporting. To facilitate the discussion around economic reforms, informal meetings will be organized for journalists to meet field experts and public decision-makers. Moreover, the MediaTOR participant journalists will have an opportunity to collaborate with economic researchers to produce joint media blogs on economic reforms and be under the constant mentorship of the project team beyond the training.

See the MediaTOR platform.