Research Reports

Survey on the impact of COVID-19 on the ICT sector in Georgia
Monday, 11 October, 2021

The development of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) service sector is one of the strategic priorities for the Georgian economy. The sector is characterized by the unique potential to contribute to the country’s long-term growth, create positive productivity spillovers into other industries, and, in the longer term, transform the existing industrial structure of Georgia by moving away from primary production and primary exports. Like most other sectors of the Georgian economy, the ICT sector has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, however, there is only a very limited understanding of the ways in which the sector has been impacted, what are the top-most concerns and constraints faced by ICT firms in Georgia, what the industry practitioners see as a way forward, and which government policies could be helpful. The survey of ICT firms conducted by ISET Policy Institute with the support from the Information Technology Association of Georgia (ITAG) and the PSD TVET South Caucasus Programme (GIZ) aims to close this gap. Below we outline the most important and interesting takeaways from the survey conducted in August-September 2020 on a sample of companies representing ICT services sub-sectors in Georgia.