January 2024 | Electricity Market Review
26 February 2024

In January 2024, Georgian power plants generated 1,175 mln. kWh of electricity. This represents a 6% increase in the total generation compared to the previous year (in January 2023, the total generation was 1,111 mln. kWh). The rise in generation on a yearly basis comes from an increase in hydropower generation by 98%, while the generation of thermal and wind power plants decreased by 41% and 33%, respectively.

On a monthly basis, the generation increased by approximately 1% (in December 2023, the total generation was 1,166 mln. kWh). The monthly rise in total generation is induced by an increase in thermal power generation by 13%, while hydro and wind power generation decreased by 5% and 14%, respectively.

The consumption of electricity on the local market was 1,287 mln. kWh (-0.4% compared to January 2023, and +5% compared to December 2023) (Figure 1). In January 2024, power consumption exceeded generation by 104 mln. kWh which was 9% of the total generation and 8% of the total consumption (in January 2023, the difference between the total generation and the consumption resulted in a deficit of 172 mln. kWh, around 16% of the total generation and 13% of the total consumption for the month).