September 2023 | Agri Review
29 September 2023

Rtveli 2023 commenced this August. Similar to previous years, the Government of Georgia (GoG) is subsidizing the grape harvest again to support farmers who have suffered from worsening climate conditions. Based on information from MEPA representatives, the subsidy's primary aim is to guarantee that even producers with lower-quality grapes can still sell their products.

During Rtveli 2023, a wine company will receive a subsidy if it purchases and processes at least 100 tons of Rkatsiteli or Kakhuri green grapes grown in the region of Kakheti, and if it pays at least 0.90 GEL per kg for the grapes purchased (0.20 GEL will be subsidized from a total of 0.90 GEL per kg).

As of 29 September, this year, around 178 ths. tons of grapes have been sold, with a corresponding sales revenue of 213 mln. GEL for farmers.

It is expected that the current harvest will amount to 200 ths. tons. The final figures will be available once Rtveli is over in October.