June 2023 | Agri Review
30 June 2023

In June 2023, the National Statistics Office of Georgia issued its annual publication on the agricultural sector – Agriculture of Georgia 2022. The publication estimates that agriculture, forestry, and fishing comprised 7.5% of the GDP (constant prices) in 2022, which is lower than the 8% share in 2021, but in line with general trends over the last few years (agricultural GDP being 7-8% of GDP on average). Furthermore, compared to 2021, agricultural GDP grew by 2.9% in real terms, reaching its highest mark within the last decade. While GDP showed major improvement, the production of most annual crops declined – the greatest fall can be found in the production of haricot beans (a 31% decrease compared to 2021), while cereals, potatoes, vegetables, and melons declined by 14%, 15%, 14%, and 7%, respectively. Whereas an increase is observable in the production of sunflowers (33%) and hay from annual grasses (50%).