Assessing the Research and Training Needs for Georgian Energy Sector
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 08.11.2011 End Date: 26.12.2011

Partnering with the Association of Young Professionals in Energy of Georgia (AYPEG), ISET Policy Institute completed the project Assessment of the Research and Training needs For the Georgian Energy Sector. This involved interviews with the representatives of the companies operating in the energy sector of Georgia, both private and governmental (GNERC, ESCO, GSE, etc.), and the large energy consumer companies (45 companies in total). The aim of the project was to assess the main research objectives and training needs in the Georgian energy sector as well as to identify the main issues ("hot topics") of the sectors.

The energy sector appears to be one of the most promising sectors in Georgia, specifically hydropower which is one of the country's main resources. On the other hand, more than 80% of the energy resources remain unutilized.

Consequently, now that Georgia is paving its own way of economic development it is crucial to determine the main research questions and training needs. This will help allocate intellectual/financial resources where it is most required, as well as help the sector exploit the country's energy potential. AYPEG is to select the target audience for the survey, define the main stakeholders in the energy sector, and conduct the survey. Based on the survey results, AYPEG will make suggestions/recommendations for research and training needs in the energy sector of Georgia. Additionally, the association will identify those research and training topics that could potentially be done by ISET /AYPEG capacity.