Regulatory impact assessment (RIA) on the draft law on agritourism
Status: Complated
Project Milestones: Start date: 10.08.2020 End Date: 30.10.2020

The APRC is conducting a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of the Draft Law on Agritourism. Based on the findings, the RIA team will provide recommendations on policy options for implementing the proposed regulation in an inclusive and sustainable way.

The Agrarian Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, in collaboration with the Georgian Farmer’s Association, has developed the Draft Law on Agritourism, which aims at defining the legal basis for the registration of agritourism entrepreneurs and implementation of support measures in that area. This RIA will be implemented with financial support from UN Women.

The objective of the RIA is to evaluate the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the draft law by conducting cost-benefit analysis along with multi-criteria analysis. The RIA team will analyze the impacts on different groups within the population (socially vulnerable groups - with a particular emphasis on women - and households, amongst others), as well as general impacts on the labor market, administrative impacts, impacts on public finances – with a focus on fiscal sustainability and impacts on businesses – and any other significant impacts that will emerge during the RIA process. The RIA will provide valuable information to policymakers and other stakeholders, and thus contribute to evidence-based and accountable policymaking.