ISET Policy Institute continues to mentor civil society organizations and private sector associations
Thursday, 21 September, 2023

Under the project "Develop Advocacy Capacity of CSOs and PSAs," which is funded by the USAID Economic Governance Program, ISET Policy Institute continues its mentorship activities. The aim of this project is to enhance the capabilities of CSOs and PSAs in various areas such as policy-making, advocacy, research, and outreach so that they can actively participate in the policy decision-making process and contribute to local community development, policy design, and implementation.

In the framework of mentorship, beneficiary CSOs/PSAs of the USAID Economic Governance Program develop policy papers jointly with ISET Policy Institute’s researchers. Thus, on September 21, ISET Policy Institute representatives conducted training on the topic of "Policy Paper Development" for the Fintech Association of Georgia and the Independent Valuers Society of Georgia (IVSG).

During the training, participants discussed the importance of accurately defining policy problems and ensuring that policy documents advocate for the most effective and efficient solutions to those problems.