Green Climate Fund (GCF) in the transport sector
Wednesday, 14 June, 2023

On 14 June 2023, a meeting organized by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and the Remission Center for Sustainable Development was held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. The purpose of the event was to discuss the concepts being prepared for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in the transport sector.

The meeting took place within the framework of the Climate Technology Needs Assessment of Georgia and the Roadmap for the Preparation and Distribution of Priority Technologies, which are each sponsored by the GCF. This particular project aims to support the implementation of Georgia’s long-term goals and commitments towards sustainable development, promote green business growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthen economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

As part of this initiative, a total of four workshops are planned for each priority sector, including buildings, transport, agriculture, and for energy generation and supply. These workshops aim to discuss and present the concepts prepared within the project to interested parties, with the goal of identifying and strengthening partnerships.

During the working meeting dedicated to the transport sector, two concepts were discussed under the presentation to the Green Climate Fund: the development of electric cars in Georgia and increasing the scale of biofuel production. Ana Sikharulidze, director and project manager at Remission, presented the first concept of Electromobility to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund.

The second aspect of the meeting focused on a discussion of the second concept – increasing biofuel production in Georgia. The participants consequently engaged in joint group work to identify additional barriers and ways to overcome any obstacles related to electric cars and biofuel production in Georgia. They also discussed the need for support and the strengthening of partnerships.

During the final part of the meeting, Medea Inashvili, an expert from Remission, offered a presentation on the involvement and cooperation of existing stakeholders in the transport sector and recommendations for strengthening partnerships. Following this presentation, the participants conducted group work to assess stakeholder needs in the transport sector, to discuss recommendations for strengthening partnerships, and to evaluate the gender impact of the technologies discussed.