ISET Policy Institute hosts roundtable discussion on the impact of public spending on agricultural exports to the EU
Friday, 31 March, 2023

ISET Policy Institute hosted a roundtable discussion on March 31 at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, where participants discussed the impact of public spending on agriculture in relation to the value and destination of agricultural exports, particularly to the European Union (EU). The event aimed to explore the issue of whether public spending trends have any influence on the value of agricultural exports to the EU, and to review the challenges faced by agricultural producers in accessing EU markets. The discussion was focused on Georgia's agricultural sector, with a special emphasis on agricultural trade and governmental policies related to agriculture.

Salome Gelashvili, Lead Economist of the ISET Policy Institute, presented the key findings of the study, followed by commentaries from Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Lead Member for Georgia at the European Parliament's Democracy and Election Support Group (DEG), Nino Tsilosani, Chairperson of the Agrarian Issues Committee of the Parliament of Georgia and Rati Kochlamazashvili, Deputy Chairman of Georgian Farmers Association.

The second part of the event was dedicated to the discussion, where participants had the opportunity to exchange views on the topic. This event provided a platform for experts and officials to discuss the future of agricultural exports in Georgia and the role of public sector support in achieving it.