Kutaisi International University hosts ISET Policy Institute
Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

On 18 May, representatives from the ISET Policy Institute visited Kutaisi International University to introduce ISET Policy Institute’s core activities, products, and ongoing projects to students and university staff.

The meeting was opened by Tamar Sulukhia, Director of ISET and ISET Policy Institute. Ms. Sulukhia introduced Policy Institute, its goals, and objectives and presented core products, regular indexes, and projects.

ISET-PI lead economist Yaroslava Babych focused on current developments and spoke about the impacts Ukraine’s invasion will have on Georgia.

During the final part of the meeting ISET Policy Institute’s senior researcher, Ana Burduli introduced university representatives to the ReforMeter, a platform for assessing economic reforms, supported by the USAID Economic Governance Program. Ana discussed the target reforms, each assessed, reported and published by the ReforMeter team.

The event concluded with Q&A and discussion where participants emphasized ISET's current projects and research activities.