Student Policy Seminar Series: Waste Management REgulations, Problems and Treatments
Tuesday, 12 December, 2017

ISET is continuing its student policy seminar series. This time, Giorgi Ninua, Mariam Tsulukidze, Mariam Lobjanidze, and Yana Hovhannisyan presented their research results under the supervision of Norberto Pignatti, a member of ISET’s resident faculty and the head of the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center at the ISET Policy Institute.

During the presentation, which was entitled “Waste Management: regulations, problems and treatments”, the students covered the outstanding issues and challenges related to waste management. Georgia’s lack of proper management experience led ISET’s students to research the topic and propose their own solutions.

The first and the most important issue, the students claimed, is public awareness, and so the students proposed that they themselves become involved in ISET’s Giving Back Campaign as promoters of environmental friendliness. They have constructed a policy structure for different stakeholders in accordance with the EU standards, designed an action plan for further cooperation between public and private authorities, and suggested some useful “treatment prescriptions”.

They are ready to collaborate with any interested party with similar environmental objectives.