Calculate Real Estate Sale Price Change for Various Classes of Real Estate.

We use data on property advertisements placed on major Georgian real estate website. Quarterly data is generated for specified classifications of types of properties. Quarterly prices are tracked and changes are reported in a quarter to quarter and year to year terms.


Main Researchers

Olga Azhgibetseva


Project Milestones

Status: Completed

Start Date: December, 2016

End Date: January, 2017

ISET Policy Institute was contracted by the OECD to assess selected policy dimensions of the EU Small Business Act for Georgia. In order to complete this task, ISET-PI conducted desk research of the existing literature and conducted interviews with government officials, private sector representatives and members of the SME community, including civil society.

The subject of the debate concerned future steps to be taken in to ensure the growth of SME's in Georgia - significant part of the economy. The expert panel included speakers representing government, SMEs, financial system, academia, NGOs, businesses and business associations. The importance of SMEs for economic development cannot be understated: most successful large firms in developing countries have graduated up from SME category, whereas the breadth of the SME category itself reflects and helps to create a strong and deep entrepreneurial culture.

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