ISET is implementing a new training program, "Economics, Finance and Banking," with VTB Bank. The aim of the program is to introduce VTB Bank's employees to the major principles of economics, finance and banking.

The training program is now being conducted twice a week for 20 employees.

The ten-module training program is structured around the most important elements of economic understanding. The program covers how markets work in an open economy, how the exchange rate is formed, why we should worry about inflation, external disbalances, unemployment, what hinders economic growth, the benefits of free trade agreements, the role of the central bank, how monetary and fiscal tools work, etc. Each topic is based on real-life domestic examples that are the most pressing in Georgia.

ISET faculty attended Teaching Development Program on September 21-25, 2015 conducted by Deborah Nováková – head of the Academic Skills Center at CERGE-EI.
The course consisted of a series of collaborative workshops, grounded in Economics Education literature. The topics covered during the program included: Preparing Courses and Classes and Tools for Teaching, Handling Difficult Groups, Cheating and Plagiarism, Assessing Students, Evaluating Teachers, and several others. The workshops provided a platform for discussion on how the main findings in the literature relate to the specific teaching realities of each participant. Each session was followed by a group discussion and presentation of case studies.

In the frames of the memorandum of understanding between ISET Policy Institute and Business Association of Georgia (BAG), ISET-PI offered a compressed four-day training to the staff of the association. Senior researchers of the policy institute, Maya Grigolia and Nino Doghonadze conducted the training in the macroeconomics 101. The topics of the training included: GDP, unemployment, inflation, economic growth, investment, monetary and fiscal policy, international trade and exchange rates, etc. The training took place at BAG office and 8 staff members participated. The process was very dynamic, interactive and interesting, enriched by the vast experience of the BAG staff. The training was successfully completed on May 11, 2015. Acquired knowledge will help BAG staff to solidify their arguments with economic rationale in the process of advocating for the business community. ISET is looking forward to deepening the fruitful cooperation with BAG.

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