Lead Modeller, Bank of England


Andrei V. Sarychev holds Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada, before moving to the London School of Economics. Having joined the UK financial sector regulator in 2010, Andrei devised the scenario design framework and produced global macroeconomic scenarios used in the UK stress-testing. After becoming a Lead Modeller at the Bank of England, he formulated and operationalised a broad variety of analytical models for the UK Financial Policy Committee. His research interests lie in system-wide modelling of the joint dynamics of balance sheet outcomes and aggregate variables.

At ISET Andrei helped building and enhancing the statistical engine behind LEI, the Leading Economic Indicators report. He was also the lead author for the 2013 Competitiveness Report for Georgia. Andrei has also been a member of the Bank for International Settlements Research Task Force, a deputy editor of the UNDP bulletin “Development and Transition”, and has co-written a University of London study guide.

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