The consultancy aimed to identify training programs that addresses actual labor market demand and devise an algorithm for matching the unemployed with these programs taking account of their skills, work experience and motivation. As part of this project, ISET-PI aimed to identify vocational training programs that address actual labor market demand, and devise an algorithm to assign registered unemployed to these programs (taking account of their skills, work experience and motivation).

The proposed matching procedure assigns unemployed people to the most suitable (certified) training programs that are delivered in selected locations. The matching procedure we designed takes into account data limitations concerning the unemployed, the training programs, and the local/national labor market.


Main Researchers

Eric Livny
Florian Biermann
Lasha Labadze
Nino Doghonadze
Robizon Khubulashvili

Donors and Partners

World Bank/Social Service Agency,


Project Milestones

Status: Completed

Start Date: February 2014

End Date: June 2014


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