The study aims at offering recommendations to improve Asian Development Bank and other development partners; assistance to developing countries in creating conditions to enable inclusive growth through their projects and operations. For that ISET Policy Institute will conduct in-depth analysis on income distribution, labor market, and other aspects of inclusive growth.

Since obtaining independence in the early 1990s, Central and West Asian countries have made noticeable progress. However, recent economic disruptions, mainly caused by the structural decline in energy prices and the protracted devaluation of currencies in the region, are reducing jobs, remittances, and people's general well-being. The economic slowdown is also accelerating the underlying trend of increasing inequality, limiting countries; ability to pursue inclusive growth. Other structural issues such as the lack of economic diversification, a sluggish private sector, and the mismatch between skills and labor demand further complicate the picture for policymakers. To address above-mentioned issues the Asian Development Bank has started a new study aimed at providing policy suggestions to promote inclusive growth by creating good jobs;jobs that are well-paid, productive, and safe.

The project is carried out jointly by Macroeconomic and Social Policy Research Centers of ISET Policy Institute. In the end academic papers, policy briefs and blog posts will be created on three broad topics:

• Economic development and inequality in Georgia
• Employment and labor market policies in Georgia
• Enabling conditions for inclusive growth in Georgia




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Michael Beenstock, ISET and ADB joint seminar, March 29, 2016 - Inclusive Economic Development in Georgia

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Michael Beenstock
Yaroslava Babych
Lasha Labadze
Maka Chitanava
Nino Doghonadze
Giorgi Mzhavanadze

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Asian Development Bank

Project Milestones

Status: Completed

Start Date: November 2015

End Date: March 2017



December 14-26, 2015 Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia

March 29, 2016 ISET and the Asian Development Bank Co-organize a Seminar on Inequality and Inclusive Economic Growth



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