The cultivation of berries is becoming increasingly popular among farmers in Georgia. The necessity of diversification in agricultural production and opportunities in the EU market have led farmers and the state to placing greater focus on the sector.

At present, many international organizations’ projects, as well as state programs, are directed towards the development of this sector. The objective of this policy document is to:

• Assess the potential of the main varieties of berry on the EU market;

• Identify the challenges and opportunities of the berry value chain;

• Provide recommendations to the value chain actors.

Land O'Lakes International Development is leading an innovative, demand-driven Safety and Quality Investment in Livestock (SQIL) project to improve food safety and quality within Georgia’s dairy and beef value chains. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (via Food for Progress) and aims to reduce losses, improve food safety and quality from farm to fork, and to boost competitiveness, productivity, and trade within the Georgian dairy and beef market systems.

Partnered with Michigan State University and the Georgian Farmers’ Association, Land O’Lakes will implement interventions to support entrepreneurs and competitiveness within the dairy and beef market systems. SQIL initiatives also reflect a commitment to increasing opportunities for women and young people, and an improved commitment to climate change. The SQIL will employ an integrated approach with six interlinked components:

Windbreaks have a significant positive impact on the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. While the positive impacts of windbreaks have been acknowledged by various stakeholders, due to Georgia’s poor socio-economic conditions, most existing windbreaks have been destroyed and require restoration.

Research identifies the need for state intervention in order to:

• Protect soil from erosion;

• Increase soil productivity and thus agricultural production;

• Regulate windbreaks so that interested parties can work within this field;

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