ISET’s faculty continues to prove itself on the world stage with no fewer than two papers soon to be published in international journals. Both papers were authored by Professor Muhammad Asali, a veteran member of ISET’s faculty and graduate of Colombia University; Muhammad later taught at Colombia, as well as New York University and Union College.

The first paper is to be published in The Stata Journal, and offers new methods to calculate long-run mutual effects of variables in a VAR system, as updated by the 'general-to-specific' (GETS) approach, as well as Granger causality tests among the variables. Statistical inference about long-run and cumulative effects after GETS-VAR is not straightforward, and can be cumbersome to manually code and calculate. The "vgets" command simplifies this process, providing all the necessary effects and the diagnostic tests in just one step.

ISET’s track record in sending its graduates into prestigious jobs or PhD programs speaks for itself, and these opportunities are major points of attraction for would-be ISETers. However, the benefits of becoming an ISET graduate are best demonstrated when members of its alumni return and connect with the next generations.

The current cadre of ISET MA and BA students were, therefore, very lucky to meet one of the most distinguished graduates in the institute’s history. Ala Avoyan graduated from ISET in 2012 as the valedictorian of her class, before earning a fully-funded scholarship to New York University to pursue a PhD; she was assisted in her application by recommendations from her former lecturers of the ISET faculty. After graduating with a PhD Degree from NYU in 2018, she secured a position as an associate professor at Indiana University.

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