On December 5, the Effective Data Visualization workshop – which was hosted by ISET in collaboration with ForSet and DarkHorse Analytics of Canada – officially came to a close when an award ceremony was held for those participants whose academic performance, significant achievements in data-related economics subjects and outstanding motivation to build future careers in the data-driven economy were of the highest. The winning team received a prize worth 1000 lari.

In addition, a group of students from both ISET’s MA and BA classes competed for stipends from TBC Bank – which has supported ISET for many years – worth 1000 lari. Those selected to be considered in the final rounds of the competition were Mzia Abzhandadze, Giga Nozadze, and Tornike Zukhbaia of the BA Class of 2022, and Shota Natenadze, Davit Kajaia, and Mariam Chitashvili of the MA Class of 2020. The eventual winners were Mzia Abzhandadze and Shota Natenadze, who were awarded their 1000 lari prize from Mr Mikheil Nadareishvili of TBC Bank, who, in a spirited address to the audience, explained that as a former ISETer himself, he was very glad to help the next generation of ISET graduates. Mr Nadareishvili encouraged them to further develop their skills and interest in data and said that he looked forward to observing their future careers.

On November 28-29, Deputy Head of the APRC Salome Gelashvili attended the annual "Dushanbe Economic Meeting 2019" conference in Tajikistan. The conference was organized in the framework of the "Towards Rural Inclusive Growth and Economic Resilience" project (implemented by) GIZ and was devoted to the topic of developing the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex in Tajikistan.

Ms Gelashvili discussed the development of EU-funded agricultural cooperatives in Georgia and shared the country’s experience regarding its cooperation with the European Union. She began by presenting the legislative framework of the country and tax concessions given to cooperatives, as well as other forms of state support, before explaining the results of annual surveys conducted by ISET-PI in order to assess the progress of the cooperatives. She concluded her presentation with the lessons learned and a number of recommendations for the future, including more of a focus on service cooperatives and the application of a bottom-up rather than top-down approach during the development of cooperatives.

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