Christopher Hitchens, one of the greatest public intellectuals of the last four decades, famously said 'The only way for any country to get out of poverty is the empowerment of women'. Everyone at ISET would no doubt agree with him – Professor Norberto Pignatti in particular, whose latest publication examines how increasing women's participation in the labor force is important for sustainable economic development in transition countries.

Professor Pignatti, one of ISET's most prolific faculty members, had his research paper published by IZA World of Labor, an online platform dedicated to labor market issues. The organization seeks to support evidence-based policymaking and increase general awareness of labour market matters – most recently, IZA has focused on the potential impact and outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the foundation of the ISET, it has had a strong relationship with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The ADB and ISET have further strengthened their relationship by signing a Memorandum of Agreement, specifically between the ADB and the ISET Library, under the ADB's Depository Library Program.

Under the Memorandum, ISET's Library will collaborate with the ADB to make ADB digital publications available in the library’s digital catalogue for library users, the general public, as well as academics, personal and other constituencies, and nongovernmental organizations. The ADB will distribute the latest digital publications, which will be updated on a quarterly basis, including public awareness-raising materials.

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