On April 3, ISET hosted a knowledge-sharing event by ADB Regional Gender Consultant, Ketevan Chkheidze. The public lecture (which was entitled ‘Gender in Development: Practices, Challenges and Opportunities’) was dedicated to the issue of developing gender equality in the context of Georgia. Specifically, the lecture covered key gender trends in development, where they stand in terms of advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment, as well as practices and approaches in this process and the benefits of considering gender issues in a developing democracy like Georgia.

In addition, drawing on the examples of the ADB’s operation, the practices of integrating gender in development work in different sectors were shared to the audience. Discussing the case of Georgia, the lecture also emphasized the role of different stakeholders, along with the challenges and opportunities in facilitating equal access to and equal participation in development processes.

Tamta Maridashvili, a Senior Research Fellow at the Social Policy Research Center, attended the Asian Think Tank Development Forum 2018 on August 22-23. The Forum took place at the Australian National University in Canberra, and provided a venue to share ideas and experiences among affiliated scholars on human capital and skills development for future jobs by attempting to explore the following questions: what are the most relevant examples of existing human capital and skills development programs and interventions that can boost the productivity and employability of workers for future jobs? What are the emerging technologies that are available to foster human resource and capital development and boost productivity? How effective are the existing programs? What is the role of regional cooperation in addressing the challenges associated with the development of human capital?

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