ISET prides itself on the diversity of its multi-national composition; faculty members have come from Germany, Israel, Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Italy. The institute is therefore very happy to add Sweden to the list, with the arrival of Lotta Björklund Larsen, a PhD holder from Stockholm University.

Throughout spring 2019, Lotta will collaborate with the Private Sector Development Research Unit on an assessment of the Georgian tax lottery in 2012. She will also hold a few seminars on tax compliance issues presenting international as well as her own research, and organize a workshop on applying qualitative methods in tax research. This project has been made possible by a grant from The Swedish Institute Visby Programme.

On November 26 2018, the third Phase of Reformeter started with an assessment of the implementation of the Agricultural Development Strategy. The Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Giorgi Khanishvili, and other employees of the Ministry, as well as representatives of NGOs and international organizations, took part in the event.

The study showed that at this stage 82.46% of the reforms have been implemented, 7.56% more than the previous estimate. The group of stakeholders evaluated the reforms with a score of 5.83 out of 10 maximum points, which is higher by 0.2 compared to the previous estimate. A slight decrease can be observed in the attitude towards the progress of the reforms, reaching 6.07 points.

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