On December 5, ISET hosted Levan Akhvlediani, General Manager of Kagri Limited, who delivered a seminar on physical commodity trading, which takes place around the world. According to Mr. Akhvlediani, being a trader is a very demanding job that carries high risk, but at the same time is very interesting. For any successful trader the key factors are knowing information about the market and understanding market opportunities. The law of trade (as for most businesses) is - “buy low, sell high”.

The seminar nicely combined Mr. Akhvlediani’s own success stories with the theories of physical commodity trading. At the beginning of the presentation he introduced the Incoterms (EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR and CIF) that define how the obligations of delivery are split among buyers and sellers and are always included in the terms of delivery.

On 19 June ISET hosted Jacques Fleury, formerly the CEO of GGMW and currently the CEO of GWS and Director of JSC Château Mukhrani. The format of the meeting was very different from the typical seminars conducted at ISET. Mr. Fleury provided insights into doing business in Georgia since 1997, when he was asked to become the CEO and increase the value of one of Georgia’s most famous intangible assets – the popularity of the mineral water from the springs of the Borjomi valley.

When Fleury joined the company GGMW was nearly out of money and he was told that the company would need to raise at least $3 million to cover the necessary investments.

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