On Thursday, May 14th, ISET hosted Helena Schweiger, Senior Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist at the EBRD, London. Ms. Schweiger presented her recent paper “The impact of armed conflict on firms’ performance and perceptions”, co-authored with Carly Petracco. This study explores the short-run impact of August 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia on firms’ performance and their perceptions of the business environment.
Authors used the Business Environment and Enterprise Performance (BEEP) Survey data before and nine months after this armed conflict. The difference-in-differences estimates suggest that despite the short duration, armed conflict had a significant and negative impact on share of exports in sales and employment for at least a subset of firms.

On April 16-17, ISET supported Conference “Tourism Development Perspectives in Georgia” organized by Georgian National Tourism Agency (GNTA). Our experts participated in the application selection process, Lasha Labadze, Deputy Director of ISET Policy Institute, represented the organization as a jury member.
Four topics got the best evaluation based on their innovative approach, specific and feasible policy recommendations. Those topics were: 1.Georgia, as an Attractive Place for Film Industry 2. "Travel Insurance – Overview and Solutions" 3. "Information Dissemination Using New Technologies"; 4. "Gambling, Entertainment Industry Situation and Its Development in Georgia".

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