On February 12, the Private Sector Development Research Center (PSDRC) at ISET-PI organized a certificate award ceremony for Competition Agency staff who attended an advanced STATA training course provided by the center.

Sophiko Skhirtladze, the head of the PSDRC, who led the training course, together with Eric Livny, President of ISET and ISET-PI, and Nodar Khaduri, Chairman of the Competition Agency of Goergia, greeted the participants and awarded them their well-deserved certificates.

The two-week training course took place between January 29 and February 9, and was organized within a “Competition Agency Support” project, financed by the EU and conducted by ISET-PI staff.

The second phase assessment of the SME/Innovations Development reforms were conducted within the ReforMeter over the course of February.

According to a government survey, at this stage, 39.2% of the reforms that are planned to be finalized by 2020 have been implemented. In the first phase (which concluded six months ago) this indicator was 24.7%. It is notable that the rate of progress is similar in the spheres of institutional organization, capacity building and infrastructure: in these areas 40% of the reforms have been implemented. It should be considered that target indicators set by the strategy for 2020 were already achieved in 2016.

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