On July 21, ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI) held an online presentation 'Development of Indirect Impact Assessment Methodology and Multipliers'.

The research study was implemented by ISET-PI in cooperation with the USAID Economic Security Program. The objective of this activity was first time in Georgia to develop output (revenue), employment, and investment multipliers for Georgian Economy. The multipliers will enable to assess the full-scale economic impacts of the various interventions implemented by the Government of Georgia (GoG), donors and other stakeholders. The objective of the conducted event was to present the methodology and findings of the work on Indirect Impact Assessment Multipliers to its main beneficiaries such as GoG and Think Tank organizations.

The representatives of GoG, National Bank of Georgia, think tank organisations and the USAID/Georgia office attended the presentation. The invitees had the opportunity to participate in the follow-up discussion and ask questions to the ISET-PI research team working on the project.

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