Parliamentary elections are just around the corner. A well informed and empowered citizen is central to the outcome of elections that will be in the best interest for the future development of the country. Do you consider yourself an informed voter? How are you making your decision on whom to vote for? Do you know where you stand on a political landscape? What do you know about the proposed programs of political parties? Do you need non-partisan, unbiased advice? Well, Election Compass Georgia may help you to answer some questions in the hot pre-election period!

In order to equip citizens with knowledge and information on political parties' programs and help voters to explore which political party is closest to their own views, the ISET Policy Institute participated in designing and implementing Election Compass Georgia, a collaborative effort of Georgian institutions and countries' development partner organizations. This led to the creation of the voting advice application -, web-based tool covering all the major parties participating in the 2020 parliamentary elections.

On July 21, ISET Policy Institute (ISET-PI) held an online presentation 'Development of Indirect Impact Assessment Methodology and Multipliers'.

The research study was implemented by ISET-PI in cooperation with the USAID Economic Security Program. The objective of this activity was first time in Georgia to develop output (revenue), employment, and investment multipliers for Georgian Economy. The multipliers will enable to assess the full-scale economic impacts of the various interventions implemented by the Government of Georgia (GoG), donors and other stakeholders. The objective of the conducted event was to present the methodology and findings of the work on Indirect Impact Assessment Multipliers to its main beneficiaries such as GoG and Think Tank organizations.

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