On January 24, 2013 Robert Tchaidze, Senior Economist with the European Department of the IMF, delivered a presentation titled “Turkey: From Crisis to Recovery, 1999-2005.” The presentation covered the causes of the 2001 crisis, the anti-crises programs undertaken by the Turkish government in cooperation with the IMF, and the country’s subsequent recovery.

Dr. Tchaidze began his talk by providing a brief economic history of Turkey from the 1970s to the 1990s. In the 1970s Turkey was a closed, state-controlled economy suffering from macroeconomic problems like inflation and unsustainable budget deficits.

On November 20, 2012 Azim Sadikov, a Senior Economist from the IMF’s Resident Representative Office in Georgia, delivered a presentation of the IMF’s annual report on the “Caucasus and Central Asia [CCA] Regional Economic Outlook” to ISETers. The presentation covered an analysis of current and projected macroeconomic trends on both the global and CCA regional scale.

Mr. Sadikov started the talk by introducing a current evaluation of global economic performance and provided a brief summary of specific risks and uncertainties endangering the steady growth of the global economy. According to the report, the main challenges of 2011 and at the start of 2012 were the slowdown in global manufacturing and merchandise exports, the outflow of capital from European periphery countries, high government bond spreads, country default risks and increasing global uncertainty.

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