Did you know what Georgia produces most and what is the share of its production worldwide? Wine and copper seem the obvious answers – but these would be wrong. The answer is, in fact, cryptocurrency: 15% of all Bitcoins in the world are mined in Georgia, perhaps a disproportionate figure given the country’s small size. On December 4, Andrew Thornhill, a co-founder of Spotcoin, gave a lecture at ISET entitled “What is Bitcoin and why will it change the world”.

Mr. Thornhill has built high volume payment networks on three continents, and more than one billion dollars of payments have cycled through Andrew’s networks. Leveraging his vast experience, he is now concentrating fully on the digital currency ecosystem. ISET was very fortunate to host such an authoritative speaker on cryptocurrency.

On May 13-15, ISET-PI researcher Giorgi Mzhvanadze participated in the annual European Newspaper Congress in Vienna, Austria. The congress was focused on the main opportunities and challenges of the daily newspaper medium, but the topics were much broader than the title suggested.

The Newspaper Congress was organized by the Medienfachverlag Oberauer, in cooperation with Norbert Küpper, a renowned newspaper designer. During the congress, 47 speakers from both developed and developing Europeancountries (including Georgia) presented 31 different topics in front of an audience of 500 bloggers and media experts from around the world.

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