On October 20, members of the ISET community attended a guest lecture on international taxation from Ms. Femke van der Zeijden from PricewaterhouseCoopers Netherlands’ office. Ms. Zeijdenhas introduced issues of international taxation from legal perspective. This was particularly useful and interesting for the audience as it primarily consisted of economists, for whom the legal aspects and problems of different taxation policies are not well known.

Ms. Zeijden tailored her lecture to show the challenges in international taxation coming from development of information technologies. Specifically, the lecture touched upon the following four important directions which present the most significant challenges: (i) Globalization, (ii) Digitalization, (iii) Transparency and (iv) Multinational corporations.

On 26 September, the World Economic Forum published The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018. The full report contains detailed profiles and rankings for 137 countries based on 2016 data.

This year, Georgia is ranked in 67th place, which is an eight position deterioration compared to last year. This is the first drop in the rankings that Georgia has experienced since 2010. To quote the report, “although the overall trend is positive for most Eurasian economies, there is little sign of convergence within the region. Its most competitive economies, including the Russian Federation (38th, up five), are maintaining their edge. This year’s most improved Eurasian economy started from a low base: Moldova moves up 11 places to 89th. Others, that had been catching up in past years are slipping back, with Georgia (67th) and Kazakhstan (57th) losing eight and four places respectively”.

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