An open call for prospective enterprises developing cleantech products, systems, processes or services has been announced. The projects should offer solutions in the area of climate change adaption or mitigation, ecosystem services, renewable energy, water and sanitation or urban development. Two grants are available, which are primarily looking for applicants representing small and medium-sized enterprises.

The deadline for applying for the planning grant is in March 2019, and October 21 2018 for the demonstration grant.

Applications will be revised and screened on a rolling basis during the application periods.

Between July 17 and 18, Maka Chitanava, the Deputy Head of the EEPRC, attended the 3rd Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Think Tanks Development Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Representatives from universities, think tanks, governments and business circles came from every CAREC member country. Discussions were held over future prospects for cooperation, and the development of a regional knowledge sharing network, as well as key political issues facing the region. Determining the main institutional problems of think tanks was also an integral part of the debates.

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