On September 13, ISET hosted Farhad Taghizaden-Sesary, Professor of Economics at Waseda University, Tokyo, and Senior Assistant to the Dean of Asian Development Bank Institute. Dr. Taghizaden-Sesary delivered a lecture entitled Green Energy Finances.

The main obstacle to the development of renewable energy projects is the lack of access to financial resources. Investors often consider renewable energy projects as risky investments; in addition, according to Dr. Taghizaden-Sesary, most investments in renewable energy are characterized by a low Internal Rate of Return.

During the presentation, Dr. Taghizaden-Sesary discussed some methods that couldbe used to promote investments in green energy. To finance large long-term projects, bank loans should be replaced bylong-term investment from institutional investors (such as insurance or pension funds), whose investment horizon and ability to tap into a vast amount of long-term savings are more compatible with this type of investment.

At the start of a new academic year, ISET has made a quick return to participating in international academic events. Between September 6 and 8, Professor Norberto Pignatti presented his research on the links between risk attitudes and labor market outcomes (with particular regards to whether individuals end up working informally or not) in the Georgian labor market at the 15th European Association for Comparative Economic Studies Conference, in Warsaw. The paper shows that linkages between risk attitudes and labor market outcomes differ depending on the characteristic of the labor markets under observation (rural vs. urban) and on whether employees or the self-employed are examined.

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