On March 20 2019, Pati Mamardashvili presented at the meeting of the Agricultural Innovation Committee of the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The meeting was attended by members of the academy, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.

The topic of the presentation was the agricultural export potential of Georgia.The presentation showed the calculation results of revealed comparative advantage indices for different agricultural products in Georgia for the last 15 years; this provided useful insights in ex-post export performance of these products. In addition, Pati’s presentation overviewed recent trends in agricultural exports, disaggregated by the selected group of countries (in this case, EU and CIS countries). While the total exports from Georgia to the EU constitutes an increasing trend, agricultural export decreased in 2017 and 2018, due to a significant decline in hazelnut exports. However, wine exports to CIS countries were observed to be on the rise in recent years.

On March 11, representatives of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL), Dominic Blaettler (PhD Social Sciences, Professor of Rural Development and Innovation, BFH-HAFL) and Pia Fehle (MSc Agricultural Sciences, Research Associate, BFH-HAF) visited ISET in the framework of the HAFL-ISET/APRC initiative. The initiative, which is financed by the Seed Funding Grant of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), aims to pool resources to provide applied research for rural development interventions in the South Caucasus.

Prior to the meeting with various stakeholders involved in agriculture and rural development in Georgia, HAFL representatives gave a presentation entitled ‘Ex-ante assessment of the adoption potential of a technological innovation in agriculture: a case study from South India'. The objective of the seminar was to discuss farmers’ characteristics which affect their decision to adopt new technologies.

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