On November 8, 2013, ISET hosted the first event in a series of discussions on the topic of inclusive growth. The topic of the event was Land ownership of agricultural land: political stability and social cohesion vs. economic efficiency. The presentation opened with a short video prepared especially for the dialogue and was followed by a short presentation about the sector.

Moderated by Giorgi Bakradze, senior research advisor at the ISET Policy Institute, the central question addressed by the various stakeholders was how Georgia could ensure investors’ property rights, promote land consolidation and develop modern agribusinesses while, at the same time, benefiting the poor, maintaining social cohesion and avoiding political destabilization. Other issues for discussion were what to do with the past and in the future; how to reconcile investors and attract even more capital in agriculture.

A recent paper, "Are Mega-Farms the Future of Global Agriculture? Exploring the Farm Size-Productivity Relationship for Large Commercial Farms in Ukraine,” by Klaus Deininger, Denys Nizalov and Sudhir K. Singh, was presented on 16 September at ISET. The presentation was made by one of the paper’s authors, Denys Nizalov, an economics professor with the Kyiv School of Economics.

Ukraine’s agriculture started progressing after the land reforms of 2001, which established an effective land rental market. While the titles to land still belong to former kolkhoz and sovkhoz members, agricultural land can now be easily aggregated and leased to interested businesses.

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