In April 2018, Georgian Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) lost 1.5 index points, dropping from -17.5 to -19. This tiny change is a signal of stability (or stagnation) as far as domestic demand is concerned. Whether no change is good change for Georgia is debatable. In any case, the month of April merely continues a long term no-change trend dating back at least to September 2017.

March 2018 extends a long period of “business-as-usual” for Georgian consumers. The overall CCI improved by only 1.6 index points (from -19.1 to -17.5), remaining within the narrow band of [-21, -16] in which it has hovered since July 2017. All the improvement in March is due to the 5.3 index points increase in the Present Situation Index (up from -27.4 to -22.2). Expectations have actually declined by 2 index points (down from -10.8 to -12.8).

Georgian consumer sentiment remained practically unchanged in February 2018, extending a fairly long trend of stability (or stagnation) that goes back to at least August 2017. The CCI lost a tiny 0.2 index points, declining from -18.9 in January to -19.1 index points in February 2018. CCI’s two sub-indices, capturing consumer expectations and present situation assessment, moved in the opposite directions. The Present Situation Index lost 3.8 (declining from -23.6 to -27.4 index points). Its complement, the Expectations Index, added 3.5 points (rising from -14.3 to -10.8 index points). Georgians seem to remain optimistic even when lacking joy in their day-to-day existence.

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