According to a nationally representative sample of 339 Georgians interviewed in early March 2019, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) slightly improved by 0.3 index points, from -19.2 in February to -18.9 in March. A similar pattern was observed in both sub-indices: the Present Situation Index increased by 0.2 (from -23.8 to -23.6), and the Expectations Index by 0.4 index points (from -14.6 to -14.1) compared to February. It is worthwhile to mention that spring season seems to affect consumer confidence positively since 2015 (although data for April 2019 are not accessible yet).

According to a nationally representative sample of 341 Georgians interviewed in late February 2019, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) dropped by 1.7 index points, from -17.5 in January to -19.2 in February. This dip was driven by the Present Situation Index, which fell from -19.5 to -23.8. The Expectations Index instead rose by 2.9 index points (from -17.5 to -14.6) compared to January.  Apparently, the end of the winter blues had a positive effect on Georgian consumers’ expectations about the future in a context in which the Present Situation Index deteriorated for the first time in three months.

Being a researcher is not only my job, it is my way of life. Every time I get the chance, I start conversations with random people and ask them tons of questions. During a recent taxi ride, after I asked the driver how his business was going, he told me that the demand for taxis had fallen significantly in January. He also added that January is typically a harsh period, and there’s not much money left for comfortable trips after the traditional “Supras”, as well as the recently introduced “Secret Santa” gift exchanges.

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