Inflation of Trust
12 April 2021

World economies hampered by the pandemic; countries facing public healthcare crises, with millions killed by COVID-19; thousands of cities under lockdown; social distancing and transformed social practices; countless institutions functioning online; the youth spending endless days and nights in front of computer screens; and, globally, over a year of online education. This is the reality in many countries around the world, including Georgia, in the spring of 2021.

Business Confidence Index: in optimism we trust!
19 February 2018

Thanks to a significant increase in the private sector expectations, BCI in the first quarter of 2018 has improved yet again (for the 2nd consecutive quarter), reaching 31.4 index points, which is a 3.2 index point gain over the previous quarter. Almost 60% of participating business executives expect their business will improve over the next three months.

Financial Literacy Research in Georgia
01 February 2016

The aim of the project by ISET-PI, TNS, and TBC bank was to find out the level of financial literacy in Georgia. 1000 respondents were surveyed in the biggest cities of Georgia. The project is divided in three parts dealing with finance, trust in financial institutions, and financial literacy, in order to investigate Georgian citizens' behavior.

Yes, We Trust!
24 March 2014

Until the 1960s, Japan was an amazing place to live. One did not have to lock one’s house, car, or bicycle, as nobody was going to steal anything. Theft, burglary, and cheating were virtually non-existent in the Japanese society of those days. Imagine how much resources this saved, as the Japanese did not have to employ guards, they did not have to install alarm systems, they even did not need to buy locks.

Since When Do Georgians Trust Banks More Than Friends?
07 December 2012

There are different ways to measure the success of nations. Various surveys are conducted and different indices are compiled to measure the well-being of countries across the world.