To stop, or not to stop? ISET alumnus explains non-monetary incentives
20 June 2019

‘There are two types of people’ is the common opening for a number of jokes and idioms, but as research carried out by ISET alumnus Ala Avoyan (now of the University of Indiana) shows, there is some truth to this old adage.

ILO representative visits ISET, discusses labor conditions, automation, & the future
12 June 2019

On June 12, ISET hosted Kinan Bahnassi of the International Labor Organization, one of several UN-affiliated bodies active in Georgia. Mr. Bahnassi treated the audience of students, staff, and faculty to an interesting, perceptive, and rather a creative presentation.

Is overworking bad for your health? Kyiv School of Economics researcher visits ISET
30 May 2019

The debate over working hours has become a frequent topic of discussion in recent years, especially as increasing numbers of modern industries (especially workplaces such as technology startups) find the traditional nine-to-five standard incompatible or irrelevant.

Effects of the past: how Stalin’s deportations have affected gender norms
27 May 2019

It may appear as though the subject of gender and gender norms is a fairly recent socio-political phenomenon – particularly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – but it does, in fact, have a longer history than might initially be thought, even in the former Soviet Union; its effects can still be felt and observed today.

Alumnus visits ISET, outlines new research paper
17 May 2019

It is always gratifying when an alumnus returns to ISET; it is naturally satisfying and pleasing for staff and faculty to hear about the successful exploits of a former student, but perhaps more importantly it is inspiring for the next generations to see first-hand what might be achieved with the right amount of hard work and dedication.