Attracting high spending international tourists to Georgia
10 July 2023

In 2022, Georgia’s tourism sector still heavily relied on visitors from neighboring countries. The combined share of Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan accounted for 62% of the total international visitors' trips. It is important to note that these countries had relatively low levels of expenditure per visit.

ReforMeter hosted second public-private dialogue on tourism reform
07 July 2023

On 7 July ReforMeter, the USAID Economic Governance Program, and the Tourism Institute jointly hosted a public-private dialogue to discuss the progress of tourism reform with local stakeholders in Batumi, Georgia.

ISET Policy Institute presents sector and value chain research findings
06 July 2023

On July 6, ISET Policy Institute, in collaboration with PMC Research Center and with the support of

ISET Policy Institute discusses corporate tax income reform outcomes with stakeholders
03 July 2023

On July 3, ISET Policy Institute organized a roundtable discussion on corporate tax income reform assessment. The event was attended by experts from local and international institutions who shared their views and exchanged ideas on the findings of the assessment.

Troubled businesses: navigating the insolvency maze
24 May 2023

There will always be “winners” and “losers” in a market economy, which entails constant competition between companies for access to limited resources. The loser in this case is a company that is unable to pay its financial obligations on time and thus becomes insolvent.