Revising Household Needs Index in the Means Tested Formula in Georgia
06 November 2014

ISET Policy Institute was contracted by UNICEF to revise the Needs Index and upgrade it to reflect current reality. Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia, the Social Service Agency, and UNICEF are in the process of refining the social service protection system in Georgia to make it more child-sensitive.

Inclusive Growth Dialogue: Panel Discussion - Access to Energy and Water Supply in Georgia
22 October 2014

The purpose of this event was to discuss the role of energy and water supply sectors for job creation and poverty reduction, as well as suggest improvements to existing policies affecting access to, and efficient use of, scarce resources. Georgia, just like other countries of the South Caucasus region, is characterized with significant energy poverty.

Pride and Prejudice in Georgian Food Consumption
03 October 2014

Hospitality is one of the most prized aspects of Georgian culture. Welcoming (literal translation: "respecting") guests is a matter of great pride for any family. My mother grew up in a small Imeretian village, and as she tells me, the kids of the family were not allowed to eat until the guests were fully "respected", i.e. properly fed. Even the poorest household in the village would go out of its way (and income) to impress its guests with a cornucopia of local delicacies, meats, veggies, and homemade wine.

The Role of Family Farming in the Sustainable Development of Agriculture Sector and Poverty Reduction
01 October 2014

In this study, the role of Family Farming was assessed with regard to three dimensions (economic, environmental and social) of sustainable development. Literature review, SWOT analysis, individual interviews with stakeholders and case studies were conducted in order to define the role of Family Farming in the sustainable development of Georgian agriculture.

The Puzzle of Poverty and Wages in Georgia
19 September 2014

Any Georgian growing up in the “dark” 1990s (a literally dark, and rather gloomy period in the recent history of our country) would remember the canned milk powder distributed, together with some other goodies, to families with children aged below 5. These black and white cans were often used as flower pots in many of these families…