The Foreign Exchange Rate’s Impact on the Balance of Payments and the Financial Sector
01 December 2016

Furthermore, high dollarization makes depreciation a dangerous process for the financial sector, as many people with loans or debts in US dollars are unable to pay. In addition, high and persistent dollarization constrains the effectiveness of the monetary policy, as the transmission of the monetary policy to the market interest rates and real variables are rather limited.

September 2016 GDP Forecast | Lari appreciates against partner currencies, but persistent dollarization may be hurting growth
30 September 2016

Based on the latest data, the updated annual GDP growth projection is 3.4%. It is noteworthy that the model starts to provide the most accurate annual estimate in September when seven months of data is available on core explanatory variables.

October 2015 GDP Forecast | Deposit dollarization dampens growth forecast
30 October 2015

The final growth forecast for the third quarter of 2015 has not changed significantly since last month (declining by only 0.02%) and remains at 2.6%. Similarly, the second growth forecast for the fourth quarter of 2015 is still 3.8%.

September 2015 GDP Forecast | Third quarter growth outlook stable. Deposit dollarization gains momentum in Georgia
17 September 2015

The growth forecast for the third quarter of 2015 has not changed since last month and remains at 2.6%. The first forecast for the fourth quarter growth of 2015 has been targeted at 3.8%.

Georgian TV Media Polarization – Are We Happy With That?
02 November 2012

I am not addicted to TV but I found myself sitting in front of the TV almost 24 hours a day before the 2012 Georgian parliamentary elections.