Agricultural Cooperatives Fishing for Competitiveness
21 November 2014

Located in a beautiful gorge between Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro, Chkhakaura village is home to tough Guruli trout fishermen. The village is difficult to reach even in a sturdy 4x4 SUV, but this does not prevent locals from taking advantage of dilapidated Soviet infrastructure and unique natural conditions to grow trout.

Feasibility Study on Agricultural Insurance in Georgia
03 November 2014

Feasibility study identifies schemes appropriate for a support by the German Financial Cooperation for investments in agro-insurance in Georgia. If implemented, the supported agro-insurance scheme(s) shall contribute to reduce the vulnerability of farmers, SME, and intermediaries engaged in agricultural activities in connection with economic damages as a consequence of bad weather events.

Towards a Globalized Peasant Agriculture
16 May 2014

In my essay on economic development (“What worked”, MESSENGER, July 3/2013) I cited the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on “A New Global Partnership” (UN Publications, 2013) that aims at eradicating absolute poverty and transforming national economies through sustainable development. Thus, in the chapter on “goals and global impact,” the Panel stresses that poverty must be reduced while mitigating global climate change and promoting a “low-carbon trajectory”.

Cooperation for Rural Prosperity in Georgia
30 January 2014

This project aims to support the development of business-oriented small farmer groups (e.g., agricultural cooperatives) with the goals of increasing agricultural productivity and reducing rural poverty in Georgia.

No Smart Farmers in Georgia
17 January 2014

When I think about the lack of human capital in Georgian agriculture, I am reminded of the 1997 Georgian movie “The Turtle Doves of Paradise”, directed by Goderdzi Chokheli. In a Soviet village, an ex-priest decides to teach basic knowledge to old peasants. He wants them to learn to read, write, and elementary calculations skills.