Identifying sectors with high growth and export potential
01 February 2024

The "Inclusive Access to Markets" (IA2M) project aims to enhance the competitiveness of Georgian SMEs in EU and European markets. Under this initiative, UNDP commissioned the ISET Policy Institute to conduct a study to identify sectors with high growth and export potential. The objective of the study is to analyze existing research materials and data to identify at least six promising sectors or subsectors.

An Overview of the Potential of Georgian Berries on the EU Market
05 August 2019

The cultivation of berries is becoming increasingly popular among farmers in Georgia. The necessity of diversification in agricultural production and opportunities in the EU market have led farmers and the state to placing greater focus on the sector.

Identifying sectoral priorities in Georgian agriculture
01 February 2017

APRC is working on a research to inform the World Bank Group (WBG) on sectoral priorities in Georgia’s agriculture.

Policy Paper on DCFTA Implementation Progress
01 March 2016

Open Society Georgia Foundation commissioned ISET-PI to prepare a policy paper regarding the progress made on the implementation of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) in Georgia and to conduct a training for the members of the European Integration Committee and the Economic Affairs Committee of the Georgian Parliament regarding DCFTA in frames of the project “Raising support and enhancing understanding of the Europeanization process in Georgia