Energy Generation and Supply Sector
29 June 2023

On 29 June 2023, a working meeting organized by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia and the Sustainable Development Center - Remissia, was held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

ReforMeter hosted a public-private dialogue on water resource management reform
28 June 2023

On June 28, ReforMeter and the USAID Economic Governance Program hosted yet another public-private dialogue dedicated to assessing progress in water resource management reform. The draft law on "Water Resources Management" stipulates the establishment of a river basin management system and the introduction of economic instruments for water consumption.

Green Climate Fund (GCF) within the building sector
16 June 2023

On 16 June 2023, a working meeting was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel organized by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and the Remission Center for Sustainable Development. The purpose is to discuss concepts prepared for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) within the building sector in Georgia, specifically for the energy-efficient rehabilitation of public buildings.

April 2023 | Electricity Market Review
05 June 2023

In April 2023, Georgian power plants generated 1,249 mln. kWh of electricity. This represents an 11% increase in the total generation compared to the previous year (in April 2022, the total generation was 1,125 mln. kWh). The increase in the generation on a yearly basis comes from an increase of 181%, 38%, and 5% in thermal, wind, and hydropower generation, respectively.

Water resource management reform: current situation and expectations
31 May 2023

In Georgia, a new law on “Water Resources Management" has been drafted, which involves significant and complex legislative changes. The country will have a new, unified system of managing water resources based on international approaches after the proposed law is implemented, satisfying the requirements set forth in the Association Agreement (AA) concluded with the European Union (EU).