Pati Mamardashvili Presents ISET Experience as a Reform Model
02 November 2018

October 30 – November 1, 2018, Pati Mamardashvili traveled to Tashkent to present at the “Social science knowledge and sustainable agricultural development along the Silk Road” conference after being invited to participate as a keynote speaker. She shared the experience of ISET as a reform model for higher education in the post-Soviet world.

Joint ISET-NBG Financial Literacy Project Analyzed
18 October 2018

On October 18, in collaboration with the National Bank of Georgia and the Administration of the Georgian President, the ISET Policy Institute hosted a presentation about the effectiveness of the “School-Bank” project, which continued with a round table discussion about financial literacy in Georgia.

Case Studies: Learning from the Experience of Georgian Entrepreneurs
30 July 2018

This volume brings together eight case studies of young Georgian entrepreneurs, men and women who had the courage to take a risk and set up their own businesses. The eight case studies allow readers to accompany these entrepreneurs on the challenging journey of doing business in a very difficult environment, with very limited access to finance, knowledge and modern technology.

When Football Meets Finance, Education Scores
04 June 2018

World Cup 2018 is getting close and football can already be felt in the air. The squads are almost finalized, new jerseys are already on sale, and fan clubs are preparing venues to watch football. These are all traditional preparation for the World Cup, but interestingly for me, and possibly for you as well, football has also affected education, specifically financial education. If you are interested in how football and financial education are linked, Financial Football is the answer.

Lifelong Learning and Adult Education: Should You Take a Dance and/or a Computer Programming Class?
21 May 2018

That there is a persistent demand for adult education should come as no surprise. Most people would agree that learning is a lifelong process. A distinction, however, should be made between the notion of learning understood as a process of self-discovery over one’s lifetime and learning understood in terms of the acquisition of a certain set of skills, often for the purpose of advancing one’s position in the labor market.