ReforMeter hosted opening public-private dialogue on small and medium enterprise developmental reform
17 November 2023

ReforMeter and the USAID Economic Governance Program hosted yet another public-private dialogue –this time dedicated to assessing reform progress in small and medium enterprise development.

Capacity building of civil society organisations (CSOs)
01 November 2023

The EaP CSO program, funded by BMZ and implemented by GIZ, strengthens CSOs in EaP countries, focusing on institutional capacity, networking, and grant projects for sustainable local development.

ISET Director speaks at World Bank Event
18 October 2023

On 18 October, Tamar Sulukhia, Director of the ISET Policy Institute, took part in a panel discussion dedicated to the launch of the Systemic Country Diagnostic (SCD) Update for Georgia during an event organized by the World Bank. The report, entitled “Georgia: Keeping the Reform Momentum”, provides a comprehensive analysis of the developmental challenges and opportunities that the country requires to accelerate progress toward a reduction in poverty alongside shared prosperity in a sustainable manner.

ISET Policy Institute continues to mentor civil society organizations and private sector associations
21 September 2023

Under the project "Develop Advocacy Capacity of CSOs and PSAs," which is funded by the USAID Economic Governance Program, ISET Policy Institute continues its mentorship activities. The aim of this project is to enhance the capabilities of CSOs and PSAs in various areas such as policy-making, advocacy, research, and outreach so that they can actively participate in the policy decision-making process and contribute to local community development, policy design, and implementation.

ISET Policy Institute continues to train students within Remissia project
27 July 2023

On July 27th, a training session was organized by the ISET Policy Institute for ISET students, focusing on the topic "Business Models for Implementing Climate Technologies in the Buildings and Agriculture Sectors of Georgia".