Making Nature’s Value Visible as a Step Towards (Greater) Sustainable Development
24 June 2017

After the Rose Revolution, in the name of of economic growth, the Georgian government set aside environmental issues and focused on a quick economic recovery. This is understandable, as the Georgian economy was still recovering from the collapse of the early 90’s, and the pressure to accelerate the process was high. At that time, the existing environmental regulations were perceived as an additional constraint to faster growth, and as potentially fertile ground for corruption.

ISET and the Norwegian School of Economics to Host an Anti-Corruption Course
07 April 2017

We are excited to announce that this week ISET will be hosting a second delegation representing the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. A four-day program is planned to start on April 3, which includes anti-corruption seminars, public discussions, and site visits to relevant public institutions and businesses.

Relationship Between Economic Development and Gender Equality
06 April 2017

On April 6, ISET hosted a seminary by World Bank Senior Director on Gender Ms. Caren Grown, on Gender Equality as a Smart Development Policy in Georgia. Ms. Caren Grown was invited as part of the anti-corruption course jointly organized by ISET and the NHH (the Norwegian School of Economics).

Norwegian Ambassador visits ISET, meets Norwegian and Georgian students
05 April 2017

The Ambassador of Norway to Azerbaijan & Georgia, Bård Ivar Svendsen, was invited to speak to visiting Norwegian students who partook in a four-day visit to Tbilisi to attend an anti-corruption course jointly organized by ISET and NHH (the Norwegian School of Economics).

Giga Bokeria visits ISET, discusses UNM anti-corruption measures
04 April 2017

Giga Bokeria, the leader of the European Georgia opposition party, visited ISET to deliver a lecture on anti-corruption reforms in Georgia carried out by the United National Movement government of 2003-2012. Bokeria, a UNM member until 2017, played an integral role in the Rose Revolution, which ousted the late Eduard Shevardnadze, under whose tenure Georgia had become wracked by institutional corruption.